20 Nov

If you want to do a business promotion advert and you need a soundtrack to get more attention of your customers, you need to find music with no copyright to avoid getting into trouble associated with using music with it. Royalty free music is the best choice for you to use and you can apply it in other things like YouTube videos, your games, and films. The royalty free music doesn't go free as it sounds, but you have to buy from a site which provides them. To be able to identify the best site, here are some of the factors to consider when choosing the best site to get your royalty free music.

Consider the easiness of using the music site that you found. Choose a site that you can easily navigate through to different pages, without the need for training or help. When you open the site, check if it gives direction to the first time users, and how simple you can spot the navigation keys. Check the organization of the music on the site with useful details like price and date of upload, so that you can easily spot the one that you want to purchase music for videos.

Consider the prices the site charge for their music. Different sites have different prices for their music, so search for the best site with fair affordable prices. Prices will be affected by the type of licensing that you have which include the standard and extended license. The standard license is common and cheaper and can be used for YouTube, blogs, and non-commercial pieces. Extended license is a bit expensive but it gives you the right to use the music on TV, films, and radio.

Consider the variety of music that the site has to offer. Choose a site which you have a wide range of music and sound clip selection that you can purchase. A wide range gives you options and chance to make the right choice of music that will be fit for whatever you are preparing and your target audience will love it. See this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEuKi_7BkIM for more insights about music.

Choose a music site that can offer a free trial of the music or will allow you to listen before buying. You may never know the sound of the music or clip before you listen to it, so see if the site you are considering will give you chance to try the music first before purchase.

Consider choosing a site that will give you an unlimited usage of the song that you purchase. Most of the sites have no limitation but some will have them which may control how many times you use the music. Some sites will also limit you on the country that you will use the music, so check before buying to make sure it suits your needs. Check this stock music sites for more info!

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